This Transgender Artist Is ‘Not A Boy, Not A Girl’

16 Sep 2015 hens1991 In Blog Tags: , , , , ,

A new web series from German filmmaker David Steinberger is documenting the lives of urban dwellers with unique stories to share.

Called “MY FEW LIVES,” the first season of the web series focuses on a handful of New Yorkers who take Steinberger to places significant to them as individuals. The opening episode for this season, “Not A Boy, Not A Girl,” focuses on Nitzan Krimsky, previously featured on The Huffington Post in conjunction with “Boi — Song Of A Wanderer,” a documentary, photobook and exhibition chronicling Krimsky’s transition.

“I was most compelled by Krimsky’s thoughts on what a gender transition meant psychologically and what his overall experience was like day-to-day,” Steinberger told The Huffington Post. “Every day we undergo transformations in our lives as well, but typically not ones of this magnitude or of such existential gravitas. But nevertheless, I think everybody can relate to that notion of change. I felt immensely happy and fortunate that Nitzan was so open about how he felt about life and his place in it. I think his glowing personality transcends the screen. I received a lot of great feedback from viewers on how intrigued and moved they were by him and his story.”

Other individuals featured in the first season of “MY FEW LIVES” include, in the words of Steinberger,  “a longtime drug addict and his means of survival, a cancer patient and her ability to cope with fear and a woman and her love for the city that initially seemed hostile towards her.”

Check out Krimsky’s episode of “MY FEW LIVES” above and head here to see more.

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