I Stay Closeted to Put Food on the Table
“It has come to light that you are a member of what is considered at [Christian-centered higher education institution] to be an alternate lifestyle. While I respect your right to be part of a lesbian community, it is not accepted as part of the Community Expectations at (Christian-centered higher education institution).” I had heard of same-gender-loving individuals having to conceal their sexual orientation at their place of employment, but I never thought it would happen to me. The above statement was sent via email a few days before I was scheduled to begin teaching a college writing course by the same faculty recruiter who hired me. She didn’t know this message could not have come at a worse time. My best friend’s mother passed a week earlier and we were immersed in planning her homegoing service. Later that night, I read the message and my heart sank. I felt utterly defeated and lost as to what to do next. The roller-coaster ride of job-searching in America had made me dizzy and I was ready to get off. After helping the family finalize funeral arrangements, I drove home in a state of shock. What was I going to do? I wasn’t […]
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Original LGBT Expo 2015
The Largest & Longest-Running LGBT Convention In The World Returning To The Jacob Javits Convention Center In New York, New York February 28 & March 1, 2015. For more information visit: thelgbtexpo.com
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Patrick Stewart: ‘Supporting Gay Rights Is Natural’
The iconic actor talks about his new film Match, the joys of sex, and why he’s honored to to be misidentified as a gay man. ______ There’s one particular scene during Patrick Stewart’s new film Match, in which his character Tobi discusses the joys of going down on a woman. When I tell him the scene caught me off guard he lets out a long laugh and says, “Well, to quote Tobi from the film, of course it caught you off guard, because ‘most cunnilingus conversations do.’” He continues, “I can’t recall having ever seen a movie where that was actually a topic of conversation. But it’s not obscene. It’s not offensive. In fact, I think it’s very witty and entertaining.” Even as my inner 13-year-old giggles at the fact that I’m discussing the subject of oral sex with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, I find myself nodding in agreement. The film’s unflinching honesty is one of the main reasons Stewart says he was attracted to the project, and the 74-year-old actor adds that this part gave him an opportunity to upend ageist attitudes surrounding sex. “These problems only exist through young people, who feel that they invented sex and that it was created […]
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