Top 5 LGBT Summer Vacation Spots Worldwide
Rio De Janeiro As you’re thinking about your summer vacation, here are the top 5 LGBT-friendly destinations worldwide, says The Examiner. by Steven Talbott Gay singles and couples are looking for relaxation, fun and socializing which is why my 5 exotic picks for gay travelers this summer and fall are sure to hit the spot. While some international locations remain “hot” year after year, others are quickly forgotten. There are hundreds of exotic places to visit and at least that many gay travel agencies that specialize in providing travel services for members of the LGBT community. The main purpose of any gay vacation is to discover new places, relax, make new friends, dance the night away or re-discover yourself. Although specialized gay tours are more difficult to find when compared to typical tour operators, an increasing number of countries and tropical paradises welcome gay tourists. The primary aim of this post is to provide my top 5 gay and lesbian hideaways for the summer. Number One: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil This amazing city in Brazil is more than just the place where people can see the world-famous, enormous statue of Jesus called “Christ the Redeemer”. As a matter of fact, […]
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