Gays Against Guns unites w Henrietta Hudson for Face/Off | Clinton vs. Trump Round 2!!! The 2016 election is racing to the finish line in November, no turning back now! Hillary goes up against The Donald for Round 2, fresh off her resounding victory in the first debate. See how “smart” Mr. Drumpf is this time and what other shocking truths he arrogantly reveals! Will it be a knock down drag out fight? Will HRC roast The Donald on a skewer? What will Trump blurt out next? Join HHNY & GAG to find out the answers! Cheer our girl on as she is sure to stay cool as a cucumber against Donny’s interruptions and brash boasting of not paying taxes as she reveals her plans to keep moving us forward as a nation. Don’t miss this sure to be thrilling showdown between the progressive candidate and the man aiming to ship us right back to the dark ages of fear, hate, and bigotry. We’re with her! Stay after the debate for DJ Tikka Masala spinning late all the way til 4am for the long weekend!
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