Henrietta Hudson has been nominated in almost every category! We have some great talent behind the bar, DJing, and dancing so show us some love! Take a peak at the categories HERE and check out our “cheat sheet” and who we are voting for below 😉   PARTY AWARDS  Hippest Crowd: Hot Rabbit Most Eclectic Crowd: Turnt Up Fridays HHNY Sexiest Dancers: Revolver Saturdays HHNY Best Music: Whitney Day Events Best Fashion Event: dapperQ Fashion Week Event and After Party Best Ambiance: PAT Best Karaoke Night: Sing Out Tuesday Party With the Sexiest Vibe: Bad Habit Best Annual Event: Siren Best Overall Party: Misster PRIDE 2016 PARTY AWARDS: Most Prideful: Siren Best Music: Siren Most Unique: Siren Best Overall Pride 2016 Party: Siren DJ AWARDS: Most Engaging: DJ Tikka Masala Most Eclectic: DJ Culi Best Mixes: DJ Rosy Q Hottest Beats: DJ Whitney Day Best R&B: DJ Robi D Light Best HipHop: DJ Storm Best House: DJ Nikki Lions Best Overall DJ: DJ Amber Valentine BARTENDER/STAFF AWARDS: Mixologist Extraordinaire (Best Drinks): Desiree Rotella Friendliest Flirt: Krys Robens Babliest Bartender: Krys Robens Favorite Doorperson: Dot Katsias Best Overall Bartender: Dot Katsias ENTERTAINER AWARDS: Best Burlesque Performer: The Maine Attraction Sexiest Burlesque Performer: Rox Republic […]
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TURNT UP FRIDAYS feat. Goldie Peacock
Join us every Friday night at the all new Henrietta Hudson for TURNT UP FRIDAYS our epic Friday night party! Rotating DJs switching it up every week! This week features DJ Tikka Masala on the early set with DJ Nikki Lions closing it down! Glamdrogynous Super Star and Brooklyn Nightlife Award winner Goldie Peacock will wow you with a fusion of Gender bending Go Go fabulousness! Free B4 10 | $10 til midnight | $12 after | Follow us on Instagram @henriettahudson and #regram our daily post to get discounted admission!
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The Saviors of Queer Women’s Nightife
Bars and nightclubs play a significant role in American society. Throughout history, they have served as safe havens for oppressed minority groups; incubators for aspiring artists; platforms to celebrate the music, fashion, and spirit of each decade; and catalysts for momentous sociopolitical change. From the Prohibition-era speakeasies, to Studio 54, to CBGB, to Stonewall, American bars and nightclubs have been the site of counter-culture revolutions that have dismantled boundaries between race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and, as author Lewis A. Erenberg stated, “even between life and art.” However, in recent years, there has been a considerable shift in our relationship to nightlife. Bar and nightclub attendance has been steadily declining, and new surveys are revealing that Millennials in cities all over the world are less interested in frequenting conventional nightlife establishments. The LGBTQ nightlife scene has not been immune to this new trend. LGBTQ brick and mortar venues, as well as pop-up dance parties, have been shuttering their doors across the country, as documented in a recent New York Times article Gay Dance Clubs on the Wane in the Age of Grindr. Nightlife catering to queer women has been hit particularly hard, with what’s left of lesbian bars and nightlife […]
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JD Samson On Lesbian Bars, Queer Parties and the Possibility Of A Le Tigre Reunion
JD Samson is a living legend in the community, having been a part of the feminist, queer, post-riot grrrl electro-pop trio Le Tigre and following that up with the aptly titled group MEN. As a musician and DJ, JD has been throwing parties and brought in for special events, like a fundraiser for the new LGBT-inclusive gym Everybody in Los Angeles happening this Saturday, around the world over the last two decades.  (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Women in Art Benefit) Based in New York City, JD has been a part of some of the city’s best-loved and attended queer parties, especially those for women. (Her monthly party PAT is a Brooklyn favorite.) Last year, she hosted Broadly’s short doc on The Last Lesbian Bars, detailing the loss of women’s spaces and a celebration of those that still exist, including Manhattan’s longest-standing dyke bar, Henrietta Hudson. Now JD will be moving her successful Scissor Sundays party from The Rusty Knot to Henrietta’s, a weekly free event that is open to all and with a steady line-up of women DJs likeAmber Valentine and JD herself. We spoke with JD about the venue switch and what trends she’s noticed in LGBT nightlife, especially as it […]
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On Point With: DJ RosyQ
This bright star of New York’s girl party circuit is also one of nightlife’s favorite DJ’s. Rosy Q chats with Thotyssey about what really goes on at Henrietta and Hot Rabbit, the merits of The L Word and when she’ll be serving you Pancakes & Booze at Space Ibiza! Thotyssey: Hi Rosy! I know you were spinning at Henrietta Hudson’s this past Friday night, how did that go? DJ RosyQ: It was amazing. Such a good crowd for starting earlier in the day. So, you’re one of the more popular DJs in the girl party circuit. How did you break into that scene? I broke into the scene by working hard to promote myself. I was my own marketing, branding and PR person. I reached out to all of the promoters with my early mixes until one promoter gave me a shot in the LGBTQ scene. Prior to that, I was already DJing local spots in NJ for the straight scene. Is it PC to say “straight scene?” [laughs] I think that’s still okay to say! Do you think having a strong physical presence and personality is as important as musical and technical sensibility in the world of a club […]
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  Homotown at Henrietta Hudson is an EVERY Thursday night weekly party in the West Village for queers who want to listen to some old school music together and get down. This means soul, motown, good hip-hop, requests, and evolving set list by DJ Tikka Masala Never a Cover & Happy Hour until midnight with funky bargirl extraordinaire, Booker! Share or Tweet this event for a FREE Cosmo! Address: 438 Hudson Street [btwn Morton & Barrow] New York City Phone: +1 212 924 3347 Email:
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January 29th, 2015 10pm – 4am Pre-game for the weekend at THE ALL NEW HENRIETTA HUDSON with THERAPY THURSDAY!!! Never a Cover & Happy Hour until midnight with funky bargirl extraordinaire, Booker! Hang with the sexiest Thursday night crowd in NYC! Share or Tweet this event for a FREE Cosmo! Featuring hot beats and a cool crowd! Address: 438 Hudson Street [btwn Morton & Barrow] New York City Phone: +1 212 924 3347 Email:  
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HHNY Now On Instagram!
Keep up to date with the latest happenings and get exclusive shots from our events on our Instagram feed! Follow us at @henriettahudson today!!!
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We’re A GAY CITY Finalist! Cast Your Vote Today!
  We’ve made it to the finals, and now you can help us win a Best of Gay City Award! Cast your vote for your favorite lesbian bar and tell everyone who the best of the best is!!!      
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REVOLVER SATURDAY – The Hottest Women’s Party In NYC !!!
September 13th, 2014 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM The all-new HENRIETTA HUDSON continues [RAISING THE BAR] and gives you the sexiest lesbian hot spot in NYC- R[EVOLVE]R SATURDAY’S!!! MIX & MINGLE with women hotter than a smoking gun from NYC and beyond!!! The hottest girl DJ in NYC, DJ CULI, spins you into oblivion with an energetic mix of beats spanning genres from pop to hip-hop to reggae to EDM and more!!! The all-star HHNY staff takes care of you and treats you like royals and the famous HHNY bargirls keep the liquid courage coming all night long and strong!!! Free before 9pm, $10 after. 1/2 price with share or tweet. Free when you make any HHNY image your social media pic! Address: 438 Hudson Street, New York City Phone: +1 212 924 3347 Email:
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