L Word Trivia Season 6! Tuesday 9/29 7pm, No Cover SOMEONE STOLE ALL THE TRIVIA ANSWERS!!! ¬†EVERYONE IS A SUSPECT(especially Jenny f*cking Schecter)!!!! The interrogation will begin at 7. If you have any clues please send them to Detectives Marotta and Bennett THERE WILL BE A REWARD!! Precinct Henriettas will be stocked with ICE COLD DOS EQUIS. Don’t even think of trying any funny business because Officers DJ Liz2Cool and Shipman will be watching your every move.
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Ilene Chaiken Hopes New Documentary ‘L Word Mississippi: Hate The Sin’ Helps Gay Women Feel Less Alone
  It’s no surprise that the women of Showtime’s “The L Word” never exactly represented realistic lesbians. For one, there’s no such thing as The Planet and no, not all uncommitted hairstylist lesbians look like Shane — although we know the “she’s such a Shane” stereotype will probably never go away. Even when Showtime and series creator Ilene Chaiken decided to do three seasons of the reality show “The Real L Word,” they knew that it was only representing a small portion of the LGBTQ community. Now they’ve joined forces again to tell a very real-life and important story about the darker side of what it’s like to be a lesbian in this country, specifically those living in the Bible Belt. “L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin,” a new documentary that premiered on Showtime last week, immediately sets itself apart from the “L Word” we know so well by establishing just how different life in the South is for gay women. The film, produced by Chaiken and directed by Lauren Lazin, follows the lives of various lesbian couples, some with kids from former heterosexual relationships, one woman who isn’t out to her mother yet, one who still believes she is […]
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