A Tragic Love Story In 30 Pictures
Arjun Kamath, a photographer and film student in Los Angeles, recently uploaded a fictional photo series about an LGBT couple and society’s response to their love. fictional photo series about an LGBT couple and society’s response to their love. Kamath told BuzzFeed India that although young Indians face several issues, the one that resonated with him most was that of someone coming out of the closet. “I have a few gay friends, and that made me more connected to the issue,” he added. “I’ve not tried to preach. People have shown very positive reactions to the series, and have really appreciated it. If I could change just one person’s life, then that’s enough for me.” Shraddha Srinath, one of the models involved with the project, told BuzzFeed that Kamath contacted her and asked her to be part of a “dark shoot about gay relationships”. “I checked my availability and immediately agreed,” she said. “Initially, people saw the images and were blown over by the beauty of the images, you know, the location, the composition, the costumes, the look. But as the story progressed, people realised that it’s not just the images but there’s a beautiful story attached with it too. […]
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Catholic Priest: I Was Fired For Supporting LGBT Community
The Newark Archdiocese allegedly fired a Seton Hall University priest because of his support of gay and lesbian students. The Rev. Warren Hall, who was among the school’s visible employees as director of campus ministry at his alma mater, stunned students by announcing his own ousting via Twitter on Friday. “I’ve been fired from SHU for posting a pic on FB supporting LGBT `NO H8,’ ” he wrote, according to NJ Advance Media. “I’m sorry it was met with this response. I’ll miss my work here.” That statement was no longer on his Twitter feed by Sunday morning. But a follow-up tweet remained, with Hall urging students to keep bringing up gay rights to campus leaders. “Grateful for all the support. Don’t be angry!!” he wrote. “Turn this into an opportunity for open/reasonable discussion on LGBT issues on a Cath Campus.” Seton Hall school confirmed Hall was relieved of his duties, but passed the buck to the Newark Archdiocese, which runs the university. A rep for the archdiocese said Hall will be transferred to a new job in Newark and labeled his removal from SHU a regular and routine change of assignment. Hall’s ousting came at a bad time for […]
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